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KAREN  & JACK WINSLOW teach one or two workshops together each year.  With 2 instructors, the students receive  ample support, encouragement. and practical help.  Karen & Jack are passing on a tradition, teaching the way they were taught in an atelier (or studio) setting with students of all abilities.   They both teach through demonstrations, as well as individual and group critiques, showing and explaining the "hows" and "whys" of artistic principles that make a painting "read" with light, form, and depth.   These workshops are generally combination classes with both still life and outdoor landscape painting, and at times they will include head studies, figures and casts.  In addition to teaching together, Karen teaches a weekly still life class and a weekly landscape classs.  All levels are welcome, and Winslow Art Studio is wheelchair accessible.   Easels and taborets for indoor classes are provided.  Artists supply all other art materials.  If you would like more information, please email or phone.   Below are photos from some of the 5 Day workshops and still life classes.

Karen also teaches workshops for Southern Vermont Art Center ( and Lyme Art Association (

What my students say:

         "Quite honestly, I consider her the best teacher I have had the opportunity to be the student of."
          Julie Y Baker Albright
             (various still life, portrait, drawing & landscape classes with Karen)

"I was so nervous about doing my first portrait from life, and you let me observe you painting with me bombarding you with questions.  I love the small one I did!  Your guidance, attention, and wisdom showed me what a master teacher you are.  Can't wait for next year!" 
Stuart Dunkel
(Fall 5-Day Instensive Workshop with Karen)

SUNDAY PAINTERS  -    Every Sunday - 11am-4pm.  Suitable for beginners and intermediate students, as well as advanced students, focusing on values, form and learning to mass.  It is a great introduction to using a controlled palette (with value scales).  Karen Winslow paints along side of the students, domonstrates and offers help and instruction. During the summer and fall, we will be painting outdoor landscapes at various locations.  On rainy Sundays, we will be in the studio painting still life or floral, where the student can choose from several different still life arrangements.  On the LAST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH, we will study portrait painting using the skull, casts, and planes head, along with mixing flesh tones and practice exercises from 11am-1pm, focusing on comparative measurement, constructive landmarks and rhythm.  This will be prior to the model posing.  The model will pose from 1-4pm, where you will apply what you learned to the model.

OPEN FIGURE/PORTRAIT - LONG POSE SESSIONS FOR DRAWING OR PAINTING - NO INSTRUCTION - Artists wishing to draw or paint from the figure/portrait model are welcome.  LAST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH - split model fee.  Long pose (3 hour repeated pose).  Bring your own art supplies. Call for information.

LIMITED TO 10 ARTISTS - Please call first


2014 Workshops
2014 Workshops

3 DAY - ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE AND STILL LIFE PAINTING - Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs Bonita Spings, FL - March 17-19, 2014- This is a combination class focusing on creating realistic still life and plein air paintings from life.  The landscape sessions will be at various locations in Bonita Springs, with one day at the Naples Botanical Gardens.  I teach  through demonstrations and one-on-one critiques.  Mediums: oils, watercolors, or pastels.  All levels.  Cost:  $275 Members / $325 Non-members   See description below for more information.
4 DAY  -  ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE  AND / OR  STILL  LIFE PAINTINGS  -  Hosted by and located at the studio of Deborah Elmquist in Port Orange, FL - April 4-7, 2014 - Painting directly from life, whether an outdoor landscape or an indoor still life arrangement is a challenge.  Knowing how to begin, what to look for, how to mix colors, and how to develop a believable illusion of form and light calls for problem solving.  In Karen's class, you will learn to manage these challenges and learn to paint quickly and efficiently by:  
          1.  Organizing your palette and premixing color/value scales.
          2.  Painting in mass (instead of filling in outlines)
          3.  Following rhythms to create movement.
          4.  Simplifying design into 5 basic planes of light.
          5.  Striving to maintain the unity of the "whole" by controlling details.
Students have the option to  take this workshop as a STILL LIFE ONLY (afternoons)   or   PLEIN AIR ONLY (mornings) for $250.      
Or, they can take the combination STILL LIFE AND PLEIN AIR for $350.   All students must take the first day, where I will be covering a lot of material, demonstrating, and teaching how to mix the landscape palette (known as the prismatic palette).


5 DAY MENTORING WORKSHOP - May 26-30, 2014 
Cambridge / Jeffersonville, VT -  This is an intensive workshop covering outdoor landscape painting in oils or watercolor/gouache; indoor still life; and portrait painting from life to inspire artists to a new level of appreciation and growth.   We will meet each day for 2 painting sessions, which can include sunrise, sunset, interior, etc., and you will be given specific assignments to do in addition to the class.  Practice Produces Proficiency, so you will be expected to work hard and to the best of your ability.    Students provide their own painting materials, and a portable easel is necessary for painting outdoors.  $250 per 5 Day workshop  OR  $400 for both workshops


WALK & WATERCOLOR  - Summer & Fall -  This is a unique outdoor painting class that exercises the heart, mind and spirit.  We will be producing small plein air studies from nature using both opaque (gouache) and transparent watercolor on toned paper.  Atmospheric perspective, color, composition, design and movement, as well as working in mass and creating an illusion of outdoor light and depth will be our goal.  Bring a hat. Weekly class - offered through Smugglers' Notch Resort in Jeffersonville.  Meets every Monday and Wednesdays  from 10am-12:30pm.  All materials provided $48. per class.  Class will be cancelled in case of rain. 

SUNSET LANDSCAPE PAINTING - Summer and Fall -Every Monday and Wednesdays at Smugglers' Notch Resort 5pm until sunset.  Using a combination  of watercolor/gouache on toned paper, students will learn to simplify by painting in masses (value shapes)  to create a realistic illusion of light, form and space.  All materials included $48. per class.  The class will be cancelled in case of rain.
Drawing on Nature  AND /OR  Sketch & Go
Drawing on Nature AND /OR Sketch & Go

Drawing on Nature  AND/OR Sketch & Go -  Throughout the summer and fall at Smugglers Notch Resort on Monday & Wednesday - These are outdoor drawing classes using a variety of drawing materials.  In the Sketch & Go class, students receive a sketchbook, so they can continue to art journal.  This class in monochromatic sketching from nature using pencils, pen & ink, and white gouache.  In the Drawing on Nature class, the student can expand to simple color with colored pencils, pastels and watercolor.  Learning to simplify by massing and compose with rhythms will be practiced.  All materials are included.  $48. per class


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